Resources for oncology teaching staff


You can find the teaching resources here. On the timetable you will see that each seminar is associated with a particular teaching module. The students are expected to review the learning modules before each seminar, so you should be able to proceed directly to an interactive teaching case (either one from the web site here, or one of your own cases). The seminars should last around 40 minutes.

I will gradually add more cases to the list. Click on the links to open the Powerpoint files


Module 1: Decision making and the cancer MDT

The students cover details of the Cancer MDT and referral machanisms into oncology, staging, co-factoring and evaluating outcome from clinical trials. Click here for a PDF of the module.

Module 1 Seminar 1 is on decision making for a patient with oesophageal cancer

Module 1 Seminar 2 is on decision making in a lady with breast cancer


Module 2: Cancer Biology and targeted therapies

The students cover the hallmarks of cancer briefly and think about druggable targets. They learn about prognostic and predictive assays and go through some examples of the use of targeted therapies in the clinic. Click here for a PDF of the module.

There is an extension module that covers cytotoxic chemotherapy in more detail.

Module 2 Seminar 1 is on choice of targeted therapies in lung cancer


Module 3: Radiotherapy in practice

The students cover some basic radiation physics and biology, and an understanding of fractionation, immobilisation and margins. They also review the workflow for radiotherapy treatment planning which is reinforced when the go on a tour of the radiotherapy department. Click here for a PDF of the module.

Module 3 Seminar 1 is a lung cancer radiotherapy case

Module 3 Seminar 2 is a palliative glioblastoma treatment planning case


Module 4: Acute oncology and approach to the unwell cancer patient

The students cover the oncological emergencies and think briefly about end-of-life care. Click here for a PDF of the module.

Module 4 Seminar 1 is a neutropaenic sepsis case with a slight twist